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we are Quick Tap

Quick Tap employs Near Field Communication (NFC) & Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to deliver secure, easy, fast and efficient payments and access control services. We are primarily focused on these sectors; public transport, live events (musical - sporting), parking and live stock management. We install NFC tap to pay terminals at the client premises which users with NFC devices (phones, cards, wristbands, stickers) can tap to make payment or access premises.
We offer a suite of technological solutions & services for the public transport sector, event tickets and parking management, NFC & RFID Payment solutions, Warehouse management solutions, Access control Solutions, Bank card management solutions and so much more.
Quicktap solutions is looking to partner up with businesses in different sectors such as the transportation sector. We offer hardware and software installation and normally charge a commission of the fees charged to the end user.

our Solutions

Ticketing Solutions
Quick tap is revolutionizing the live event experience for promoters, festival....
Smart Transportation Solutions
This solution provides a wide range of ICT infrastructures — including data centers...
Access Control Solutions
Quicktap solutions is the leading provider in access control solutions with the...
NFC & RFID Payment Solutions
Quicktap Solutions offers market-leading mobile NFC solutions for contactless...
Warehouse Management Solutions
When it comes to creating a real-time warehouse, only Quicktap Solutions brings...
Livestock Management
Quicktap Livestock management solutions uses RFID to enhance theft protection...

What our clients say

The quicktap experience is an eye opening foray in2 the multiple possibilities of organised access control and ticketing, and where the future of entertainment is inevitably heading with regards 2 financial services.